Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last WildCat Blog of 2010

WildCat Friends -End of The Fall Semester

‘Twas the end of the semester and all through the dining hall stirred happy wildcat friends participants filling up their plates for it was the last meal of the semester. Trading smiles as they passed one another and giggling through their meals, there was a lot of chatter and Christmas cheer. Students knew what was to come, they had waited for weeks. They were about to visit wildcat den and show off their stuff. They had practiced for weeks, getting in the grove. Dancing and singing everyone had some kind of moves. David dressed as Michael, Eva sang out, Kristen danced with Tess and Melissa didn’t lose count. All happy and content we played some pool everyone’s a winner only Mr. T is still a fool.
We loaded on to busses and tour the town heading over to Cole Hall to keep our fun unbound. What a surprise! Who would have thought, Mr. and Mrs. Kane were in our classroom and taught… How to make hot coco as a gift and fun reindeer ornaments!
The class came to an end with a Welch’s champagne toast, a certificate of achievement. You know they came home to boast. Thanks for the great semester!
All of our volunteers will be missed!
Find us next semester you know WILDCAT FRIENDS are the BEST!